Revival to the Campuses

It was prophesied that wells of living water and revival would burst on the college campuses, starting with UCLA. It’s not if, but when it happens. And I am praising God that I am going to be in the middle of the heap of it when the glory of God breaks loose on this campus!

This ministry at UCLA was rekindled from the ground up 5 years ago, starting with only 1 student. My mentor/campus pastor here at UCLA followed God’s call to leave his successful Chi Alpha at the University of Missouri which he took from 8 to over 200 students at the weekly services and move out the Los Angeles.

God called him out the UCLA to pioneer a Chi Alpha chapter here at UCLA 5 years ago. Multiple people have come out here in the past and tried, but failed. UCLA is a tough campus to minister at, and Los Angeles is a difficult town to survive financially in. Five years ago, this ministry was in what we called the foundation stage, consisting of getting and office and weekly meeting place established, getting connected with the students at UCLA, and starting fresh.

God called me out here, in what is now called the addition stage of this ministry, where we are adding more and more students as the ministry progresses, averaging high 40s to mid 50s consistently at our weekly services. We are anticipating the approach of the next stage in the growth process, that being the multiplication, jumping to as many also 100, 200, and even 500 students involved in our weekly service. We may even eventually have to have multiple services to accommodate all the students involved.

This however stacks on the earlier stages of growth, that being our initial foundation addition stage. We have some new freshmen involved in this ministry that have been playing some heavy involvement. I have been responsible for getting both traditional and international students involved, but not any freshmen yet. I have been praying for divine appointments, and looking for opportunities to get freshman involved. Recently, God put me in touch with at least two freshmen who are extremely interested in getting involved in our ministry next quarter, one of them being an agnostic! We have momentum in our ministry now, and I praise God that we continue to have momentum as we go into our next quarter.

If you have a penny that doubles every day for one month, you will have approximately five thousand dollars by day 20. By the time day 31, you will have over five million. I truly believe our ministry is past day 20 and is preparing ready for colossal growth.

Finals Week, Last Service, and Bonfire

This week is finals week here at UCLA, and we had our last service of the quarter last Tuesday. We provided free food and fellowshipped afterwards until almost 12:00 at night and that went really well. The Friday before, we hosted a bonfire at the beach for traditional and internationals alike. (To get a little taste of some of the invisible stuff I do, I loaded all the wooden pallets we burned and spent an afternoon with a student cutting them into manageable sizes). We had over 70 people come on out for free chips and hot dogs, smores, and great fellowship. Interestingly enough, bonfires and beaches are compliments out here in Los Angeles; I was talking with some students that have never heard of a bonfire that wasn’t on a beach. Midwest folk like myself are used to being in the woods for bonfires, a foreign concept to many of the students out here.

Emergency Trip to Haiti

As you know, on January 12th, a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti. This Tuesday, our group will make an emergency trip to Haiti to bring aid to an orphanage our the leadership of our group has been helping fir over 12 years. Our campus pastor along with other staff, interns, and students, will be personally taking the money we have raised for Haiti since the earthquake down there, that being over $10,000. In addition to helping at our orphanage, our group we will be visiting and helping out local pastors and churches. One pastor, who is good friends with our group, lost his 2 daughters as a result of the earthquake. Our group will also be providing some relief in nearby towns. One of the towns will be Petit Goave, which is a town 12 miles from our orphanage. This town was the epicenter of a 5.9 aftershock and about 60% of the buildings in this town are destroyed. Due to the devastation in Haiti and the amount of money or group will have on them in cash, this will be their most dangerous trip yet, so your prayers are needed!

Traveling to Missouri

While the group is in Haiti, I will be traveling back to Missouri to raise awareness of college mission work and find people who are willing to invest in what I am doing and in what God is doing through me at UCLA. I just graduated from Missouri State last year with a degree in entrepreneurship. Some people think I am crazy going to school for four years racking up debt, then turning around and living off of monthly support. This is God’s call for this season of my life, and he will provide. In a physical sense, I have no clue how I’m going to pay rent this month, but God opened up an opportunity to fly back to Missouri at just the right time, and I hope you will partner with me to support this mission. College students shape the political, ideological, and economical future of the world, what better place than this to invest God’s money.