The International Student Friendship hosted a trip to Old Town Pasadena on Nov 20th. While we were there, we toured the historic district of Pasadena, taking lots of pictures and the sort along with shopping, etc. After we got done touring the downtown, we finished the night up with dinner at a historic pizza place followed by an evening of Ice skating fun. Many of the internationals were inexperienced ice skaters and we were able to help them along. There was a good share of international students who came out to the event, and they all had
an amazing time.
I was excited that a Thai friend of mine I had invited was able to come. I went to Six Flags with UCLA’s international center a month prior and had met him on the trip and was really excited that he was coming to our events. He came to our fall party too, and every time he has come to an event, he would invite his friends too. They kept expressing to us during the Pasadena trip how surprisingly how nice we were and were very appreciative of our group.

It’s a great feeling to be able to make a difference in these international students lives. They will only be in the United States for a short season before returning to their home countries, and the impact we have on these students will follow them the rest of their lives. During this trip, I also had the opportunity connect well a Chinese during that had been in the US barely a month. I mentioned this student in greater detail above.