The weekend following the Winter Retreat, I yet again found myself flying, but this time up to . I had an expense free trip to not only share a little bit of what God has been doing out in Los Angeles at a local church, but also to help at the March for Life in Washington DC. This was trip was no vacation however, with much work to be done during my stay. This was my second time sharing at The Father’s Heart International Ministry, as well as my third time to participate in the March for Life. The March for Life is this nation’s largest prolife rally, with attendance over 400,000, consisting of lobbyers marching from the national mall (4th street in front of the Washington Monument) to the Supreme Court. This year march yet again exceeded the previous year’s attendance resulting in the largest turnout yet. I helped promote www.SaveTheStorks.com, the prolife work that I helped with in New York over the summer.


I spent the past three summers traveling across the country to music festivals helping embolden this generation with shirts that tackled issues social such as abortion and Darwinism (www.liveoffensively.com). This prolife movement known as Save the Storks is a ministry birthed out of Life Offensively for God Ministries who I have been traveling with. We distributed approximately 5,000 save the stork fliers, as well as sold apparel and beanies. The purpose of this being to raise funds and awareness to purchase a stork bus, a mobile pregnancy center that parks in front of abortion clinics offering free ultra sounds and pregnancy tests. Three out of five women who get an ultrasound decide to keep their child. This ministry is looking to raise $150,000 in the next three months, and If I was not working full time with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, I would be devoting more concentrated efforts towards this ministry.