At the beginning of march, we hosted a combined effort between Chi Alpha and the International Student Friendship where we took all the students to the beach for a bonfire. The event was very successful, with a good mix of both American and international students.I was able to connect with a Chinese student who I had never met before. He is a visiting scholar here at UCLA and is a professor back in China who teaches Chinese history.

I met up with him that next week and had invited him to come out to our service. He ended up coming and brought a friend as well. I don’t believe either of themĀ  had been to a Christian service before. It seemed like they enjoyed it, though I did not get a chance to talk with them afterward. This service was a little different, being the last service of the quarter. Instead of the campus pastor speaking, a few newer students involved in Chi Alpha shared their testimony with the group, and they were very powerful.

After the service, we all went out to eat as usual and hung out one last time officially before the quarter ended. We will most definitely be hanging out with students over spring break this next week, though there will be no official Chi Alpha activities until next quarter. The irony though, is that our unofficial hang out activities are sometimes as large as our actual activities. Historically, I would travel during periods like spring break, but this year I am going to stay home and relax. I will use the time to build deeper relationships with the students who stayed in town and probably take a few of them rock climbing. I’ll also work on getting some administration work done. Besides, everyone comes here for Spring Break anyways so I might as well enjoy California life.

the-crewseith-and-mattAndrew and I