We have a four day revival service set up for tomorrow. Pastor Winston left a few days ago on Saturday evening to help prepare the children’s home for our arrival and gather local pastors for our back to back services. Please pray for the team and I… I will not be returning to the States until July 10th. I am currently at a layover in Atlanta after a sleepless redeye flight from Los Angeles with 24 other students and ministry staff from the UCLA community.

As I write this, my thoughts are towards my friend Wilson. On a recent trip we were playing cards in the main room of the children’s home. At first glance he looked like an ordinary kid. Wilson was friendly, outgoing, and well dressed. He always beat me at speed, his favorite card game. After spending so much time with him and other locals, it felt like hanging out with friends on the weekends back in the States at times. It was in those moments when my guard was down… and I sometimes forgot the dire reality they faced ever day… and it could come as a shock to see the true reality of their situation and needs.

Outside Wilson's HouseInside Wilson's House

We were visiting different different families in the village one day on a recent trip and we came to a house across the street from the children’s home. Outside the small dirt house sat a hut. We went to look inside and there was Wilson. He was blessed enough to have his own room… a small hut with a tarp divider between him and the kitchen. As I looked down at the dirt floor I saw a small pile of clothes, the few belongings that he owned. Upon closer examination, I notice that most of those clothes came from me or the team. 

Compared to many Haitians, Wilson had it good. He had a good job and he was learning a trait. Yet just last year he was at a crossroads. Though he had what you would call a lot of “street smarts,” he struggled making the grades necessary to be successful in school. He had an interest in carpentry but that seemed impossible without the tools or training. Through some encouragement and the help of our team he built the confidence to pursue that career path. A local in town offered him an apprenticeship if he was able to obtain the tools necessary. Last summer we were able to help him get started by giving him the money to purchase a saw.

Wilson and ITools for Wilson

I just returned from a European Haiti Tour to help raise money for economic development and education in Haiti. One of the projects that was sponsored was to help Wilson continue his pursuit of entrepreneurship through carpentry. Though it may not seem like a lot by United States standards, this is a game changer for his life. I’m excited to announce that this week we will be able to present Wilson with a brand new electric drill hammer, gloves, screwdriver, sandpaper, protective glasses, a measuring tape, and a level. This is just one of the untold stories of the people of Fond Doux.

Thank you for your continue prayers and support of this village. I am expecting God to do incredible things in the lives of the people here.