I wanted to wish you and your family an incredible Thanksgiving today! I just wanted to show my gratitude and offer a timely word of encouragement.

This thought may be spot on for what you needed to hear today… but if it isn’t, I guarantee that you will meet someone soon who needs to hear this and you just need to have the courage to share it with them… whether a friend, family, coworker, or even that person you meet at the store.



Don’t have audio? Click HERE to read the transcribed version


The video is short and if it isn’t for today, it will be a crucial crux for next week, next month, or even next year… It’s simple, but even the most veteran believers can take the simple things for granted… So grab a pen and watch it HERE!

Now that you watched that video and are encouraged and challenged, I wanted to share some quick highlights from the ministry.

Five hundred people came out to an awesome outreach we had right before the UCLA school year started!  We brought in renown illusionist Jim Munroe performed and then shared the gospel.

A few weeks later I was watching “My Hope America with Billy Graham” on Netflix (before it was removed) and was surprised to see Jim’s evangelistic ministry featured! You can watch it free HERE. Midway through his performance he said he was going to share his testimony and allowed for students to leave… 400 stayed to hear the gospel message, many of which for the first time! 
Famous Christian illusionist at UCLA Chi Alpha Activities

Click for Jim Monroe Video                               Click to Enlarge

I’ve been busy as you can see from the photos! I had the opportunity to not only help at UCLA but Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Additionally, I just finished up a midwest Haiti Expo tour in Nashville and St Louis and will be taking my 13th trip back to Haiti next month.
Haiti Expo TeamHaiti Expo Tour Photos

As you probably remember, we had to take an emergency trip down there earlier this summer and it was crucial that we did that trip. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be taking this trip next month because the children’s home wouldn’t exist anymore…! We literally stopped it from being annexed by the Haitian government and we couldn’t have done it without our faithful prayer warriors and financial partners.

I hope this was an encouragement and I look forward to sharing many more adventures and thoughts with you.

Blessings and have a great thanksgiving!