We took our largest team ever to Haiti in December (33 including some special guests from China!)… We were able to personally go hut to hut and provide over a month supply of food to 20 families, host two Christmas celebrations, sponsor tons of education scholarships, host multiple revival services, start a healthy pregnancy initiative, and so much more!

Then in January we brought students from across the west coast together (including Stanford!) for our largest SALT conference ever (over 400 in attendance) to equip and train upcoming leaders.

We hosted an incredible Chinese New Year Celebration for International Students inFebruary where I was able to befriend a Palestinian Muslim Researcher who I invited to our first service in March… It was his first time to ever attend church… and he was really impacted by it!

Chinese New Year at UCLAHelping San Diego State, Missions Convention, and Haiti Expo

Alongside my efforts serving in the ministry at UCLA and Haiti, I’m blessed to be able to travel with Pastor Winston on the weekends as he preaches for Sunday morning services and missions conventions.


I’m actually taking my 14th trip back to Haiti next Wednesday (March 16th) for our annual spring break trip... Please pray for protection!

We brought so many people last time we had to convert a storage room into a living quarters. We are looking to have a bathroom and shower attached to that room this trip to enable us to host larger teams. We will of course be advancing the lives of the locals through continued economic development, scholarship sponsorships, feeding programs, revival services, etc.

Haiti Pictures Feeding a Family

It’s not always easy leaving the comfort of Los Angeles to head to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The gospel is free but the ministry takes money. It’s people like yourself that enable me to fulfill the calling God has on my life…

It’s not easy, but you make it easier.

I would like to thank you for their prayers, emotional support, and financial partnership into the kingdom of God through me and my ministry.

I‘m making calls this week and trying to have as many meetings as possible to invite others to sow into this great cause so we can maximize our impact there. We are still raising funds for this trip and if God has blessed you with the resources to help, I invite you to do so by clicking HERE.