She was living outside with her young children because her husband had died and she was forced to move. She had no money… No food… No opportunity…  She prayed without ceasing under a small canopy of a church for provision.

On my trip to Haiti in December we were able to visit many starving families and provide a months supply of food to them. When we returned from going hut to hut we were angered to learn that one of the bags of rice had been left behind!

Going Hut to Hut Feeding FamiliesChild EatingBagging Rice

Naturally we were frustrated because that meant someone didn’t get to eat. We had divided our team into three groups and each group leader insisted that they took all their assigned bags with them and each family received food…

So maybe the bag of rice wasn’t left… Maybe God multiplied the rice just as Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves.

The lady I mentioned at the beginning of this email was brought to us not too long later by one of the youth we sponsor. She was in a desperate situation and needed help.

Whether the rice was left behind or God multiplied it one thing was sure… God intended that rice for her.

Whatever you’re going through, God has reserved some much needed “rice” for you… whether that “rice” comes in the form of financial provision, emotional healing from past trauma, or a restored relationship. Just as God cared about that lady and her family He cares for you!

Alongside providing that family with rice we were able to take up both a snack offering from amongst our team and a financial offering. On my most recent trip I learned that she was able to use the funds to build a house for her family!

Evidently Angela negotiated with a carpenter to provide the labor so she was able to use the offering to buy the building material. Someone graciously allowed her to build on their property. We visited her last trip and were able see her place and help some more.

Inside Lady's HouseGroup Photo with Lady

In less than two weeks I leave for my 15th trip to Haiti! I am praying for some more “rice” so we can maximize our impact on this trip. I know how dire the situation is and that their is a direct correlation between my ability to share the vision and my Haitian families ability to have a meal, go to school, start a business, and have a future.

If you wish to sow into this trip that would be an answer to my prayers and the prayers of the people of Fond Doux. My personal expenses are already covered… This offering is about advancing lives!

It’s my passion and desire to fund the gospel… and I am doing my best at it while still living as a missionary… You may know of friends, businesses, and churches in your sphere of influence that are looking to sow into causes like this and are just waiting for the right opportunity. Please at least consider being a “Haiti Ambassador” on my behalf and challenge them to help!

I invite you to sow into this by clicking HERE.

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