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Oxford Professor Shares About Christ at UCLA

On Wednesday, UCLA hosted the Veritas forum. Originally started at Harvard University, its purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christian intellectuals to answers to some of life’s hardest questions on the college campuses. This year, UCLA’s guest speaker was Dr. John Lennox, an Oxford mathematician, whose lecture was labeled “Christianity and the Tooth Fairy” […]

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Zionists take a stand in Daily Bruin

As mentioned a little below, Israel’s supporters ran a counter campaign in UCLA’s paper The Daily Bruin revealing the support of Israel in the UCLA community and revealed the truth behind the Israel – Palistinian relationship. Israel’s support by the UCLA community was examplified throughout the week by a page long petition stating “I support […]

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Palestinian Protest at UCLA

Thursday on campus marked to last day of the Palestinian awareness week event in which supporters of Palestine put a wall in the middle of Bruin Plaza at UCLA with very anti Israeli information on it. The wall did not expose the terror groups which operate daily on the Palestinian side, but rather featured Israel […]

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