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Happy Thanksgiving! Refreshing Word of Encouragement!

I wanted to wish you and your family an incredible Thanksgiving today! I just wanted to show my gratitude and offer a timely word of encouragement. This thought may be spot on for what you needed to hear today… but if it isn’t, I guarantee that you will meet someone soon who needs to hear this and […]

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Transcribed Encouraging Thought

I thought this was important enough that I transcribed it below: Here is the transcription: Hey there, it’s Bryan Citrin and I just want to wish you and your family wherever you’re at in the world a very very happy Thanksgiving. I am hear up in St Louis today. I am excited to be able to spend […]

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The Power of Prayer – An Encouragement and Challenge

     Lately God has been revealing to me the importance of intercession… the importance of interceding for others including leaders in government, business, and ministry. One definition of the word minister is “to attend to the needs of someone,” and God choose to need us to fulfill His plan. Through prayer and practical action, […]

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