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No video today… Sorry!

Sorry, there is no video blog to be released today. Things are too busy and I am preparing for the summer and tying up all the loose ends. We have our last service this week on tuesday, and I am flying out of state to a wedding of one of my best friends this weekend. […]

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Travel update and God’s provision

This is a long post, but hear my out. As difficult as it is to say this, I would have to say that yesterday was probably one of the hardest days I’ve experienced in a long time. Not in a physical, but spiritual sense. I was scheduled to move to Los Angeles this morning via […]

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Last minute complications

I am suppose to move out to LA tomorrow, but now the rental car that I was going to get seems to be rented out, even though everything was available last night. I was unable to go online and reserve it because the internet was down, and when i finally got a hold of the […]

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Rock the Light and More

I just did a festival in Kansas City called Rock the Light with some friends from Missouri while the rest of the group did festivals in South Dakota and Pennsylvania. It rained the first day of the festival and we where not allowed to sell any pro life shirts, but despite all that, we still […]

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Things are pretty busy as I get ready for the move, that being a little under three weeks away. I made it out of the Winds alright and now I am in Missouri. I am doing a festival in Kansas City over Labor Day weekend, pray that it goes well. I am back in the […]

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