I am constantly engaged in a variety of service oriented tasks to help further the kingdom of God. A few of my responsibilities include:

  • Weekly Service Setup & Shuttle – Help set up the weekly service and drive shuttle.
  • Community Relations – Obtain product donations from local businesses for events (i.e. Bagel donations, prizes, etc).
  • Weekly Encounter Group – Weekly Bible study with students.
  • Weekly Prayer Meetings – Intersession for the campus, the students,
  • the nations, etc.
  • UC Hope – Evangelism activities on campus and around the
    Los Angeles/Westwood area.
  • International Student Fellowship – Reaching the nations by building relationships with international students through events such as tourism, celebration of traditional American holidays, celebration of foreign holidays, etc.
  • Monthly Chi Alpha Activities – Reaching students through fun and interactive activities such as BBQs, bonfires on the beach, ice skating, etc.
  • Unofficial Weekly Activities – Reaching students through unofficial weekly activities geared torwards their interests, such as participating in sports, games, movies, etc.
  • Weekly Booktable – Promoting our services and events by handing out fliers at a table set up on on campus
  • Various Servanthood Acts – Taking pressure off of staff, students, and interns by helping with various needs
  • Leadership Training – Monthly meeting for staff, students, and interns, many include teaching from a guest speaker
  • Meetings with Students – To build genuine relationships one on one with students to help disciple them for Christ.
  • Intense Mentorship – To help me become a more effective servant and leader for the kingdom of God.
  • Haiti Orphanage Work – Help with an orphanage in Fond Doux, Haiti that our ministry has been supporting for over a decade. This includes resource, clothing, and food distribution, children’s ministry, speaking at churches, evangelism, etc.