It is so important that we have Godly role models in our life. Parents who will teach us right from wrong, pastors who will help draw us closer to Christ, mentors who will help point out blind spots in our life, etc. We all have had those people in our live in one measure or another (and if you haven’t, I encourage you to seek out someone who can speak into your life).

For many of the kids in Haiti, there isn’t that Godly role model to help them on their journey and speak directly into their life.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

On our recent trip to Haiti, Elisha from our missions team brought a kid to Pastor Winston concerned for his well being. His name was Dickenson and she said that he was consistently being made fun of and harassed. He was seemingly an out cast amongst some of the other kids.  She noticed that whenever he was given food the day prior, other kids would swarm him and take it away. Elisha took back the bowl and gave it to him, and sat him down in another area of the children’s home and told a nearby team member to watch him. Even then, kids were still messing with him.

It’s not that the kids who were making fun of him were actively vicious, but they had not been disciplined and were low in terms of popularity themselves. Their aggression towards Dickenson was due to a lack of someone stopping and personally giving them attention and care. Dickenson and the kids involved were not actively connected to our children’s home and we made sure to reach out to them and pour into their lives.

We were able to give Dickenson extra attention and invited him to have a special meal with our team. When our team is not around, I’m sure there are many days he doesn’t eat (which is the story of many in Fond Doux). Later that evening, we had a service at a nearby church. When it came time to ask if anyone wanted to become a believer in Jesus, Dickenson raised his hand. Afterwards when we began to praise and worship God, his hands darted straight into the air in excitement to praise Him.

Ever since that night, there has been a very apparent difference in the life of Dickenson. He was happier, and more confident from the love and peace that only comes from faith in Jesus Christ. After that church service, for the first time I heard him call out my name and smile… He seemed so happy, and so excited to know that he had all these American friends. He even insisted that he take us to his house to see where he lived.

I was also able to pinpoint the main kid who was was bullying Dickenson and show him love as well. Through an interpreter, I explained to him how important it was for us to live like Jesus, and told him that he could not be a bully to other kids. As me and others on our team began to strategically pour into him, I saw a change in his interaction with the other children.

We strive our best to be that positive light in the lives of the many families of Fond Doux, Haiti. This is just one of many of the stories regarding the practical difference we are making in Haiti. Thank you for your continual prayers and support, these stories are your stories.