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Our ministry has been supporting the Royal Palms Children’s Home of Fond Doux, Haiti for over a decade and a half! From June 25th through July 17th 2014, I took my my 7th trip to Haiti to help this village, with this being my longest trip yet (three weeks)! Since the start of last summer, this was my fourth time to venture down to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti, and I’m excited to announce that I will be taking yet another trip down towards the end of the month.

 We took a team of 25 people from the UCLA community and made a significant impact in the lives of the people there. Here is a list of some of the accomplishments of this trip. We did many more things than this, and believe me when I say that our days and nights were full!

 A few of our activities included:

– Performed 9 Church Services and prayed for many people afterward.
– Went to local families to pray for the sick and share the gospel message.
– Provided much needed financial aide to the children’s home, local families, pastors, etc.
– Payed for the schooling cost of many local children and youth.
– Provided an evening feeding program for the locals.
– Hosted multiple soccer and basketball outreaches for the kids in the village.
– Provided evening games for local children and youth.
– Hosted Bingo night for the kids (We made sure everyone who played won an exciting prize!).
– Distributed much needed food to local families.
– Distributed much needed clothing to local families.
– Covered unexpected medical expenses.
– Science lessons taught by a recent UCLA doctoral grad.
– Provided work opportunities for the unemployed.
– Funded entrepreneurial projects (i.e. purchased chickens, rabbits, etc.).

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers. Our ministry is the largest support to this village, and it is because of your prayers and practical assistance that we are able to be a blessing here!