As you might know, I devoted a large portion of my summer touring Christian Music Festivals from 2007 to 2012. When I wasn’t on the UCLA campus, I worked with a pro-life apparel company that toured the country working to embolden this generation to stand for the principles of the Bible. Back in 2010, the founder and I along with a few others took a mission trip to the Bronx of New York City to work with a pregnancy center (That Newsletter Is Archived HERE). We were told that they had a bus which provided free sonograms and pregnancy tests to women right outside of an abortion clinic. We wanted to see this first hand and decide if this was the direction my friends ministry wanted to go.

What started as a simple apparel company branched off into what has become the pro-life organization known as Save the Storks.  Last weekend I was asked to help at Creation NW Music festival in Washington to help bring awareness to this ministry and offer tours of their brand new Stork Bus.

Learn more by watching me share from Main Stage below.


I had the opportunity to briefly share about this ministry in front of 4,000+ people right before Hawk Nelson performed. God has taken this ministry from being just an idea sparked from a trip to New York to a ministry that now has 10 active or in production mobile sonogram units to be used by different pregnancy centers across America!

Save the Storks acts as a professional competitor to planned parenthood and other abortion clinics by enabling local pregnancy centers to provide free sonograms and pregnancy tests to abortion minded mothers right outside of an abortion clinic. 84% of post-abortive mothers felt that abortion was their only option. Local pregnancy centers equipped with a stork bus are able offer these women an alternative “choice” before it’s too late. These pregnancy centers also share the gospel and provide ongoing support for these women to keep their babies.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support. It keeps me active on the front lines of missions.