As we walked across the paved road into the jungle, I heard the sound of children calling out my name before they ran up and grabbed my hand and the hands of the other missionaries on our team. Though many of the Haitian children do not speak English, they quickly learned the names of our team members and it is not uncommon to be randomly walking and hearing children calling out to you.

We speak at many different churches and in the evenings, the children’s home is full of children playing and laughing. Kids from all over Fond Doux come out, and though it is difficult to remember the names of them all, everywhere we go, they know who we are.

It is not unusual for us to visit local families in the area and stumble upon a kid we know through our evening feeding program. Even as I write this, I hear a child calling out to me as he walks by.

On that particular trip into the jungle, we asked our translator Ricardo to take us to some homes we do not normally visit. After walking through a dirt path, we finally come upon the home of little Samson, a kid many in our team has taken to. I remember on a recent trip how Samson ran beside our vehicle as we were leaving the children’s home to embark on our long trip back to the States. He did not want us to leave. As we unknowingly stumbled upon little Samson’s home, his father was sitting on the front porch.

We were visiting local homes to be an encouragement to the surrounding community and pray for those in need. We had never met Samson’s father before and after speaking with him, we learned that he was not a Christian and had never been to church before.

Our team asked him if he would like to become a Christian and talked about who Jesus was and with no resistance he said that he did. Our team was able to pray with him to become a follower of Jesus Christ and encouraged him to get plugged into the local church.

I am sure that Samson told his father of the many things the American missionaries had done for him. From all the time and affection shown to him, to inviting him in to sit with us at the table for dinner, to the late night feeding programs. I can’t help but think that the way our love affected Samson acted as a witness to his father and prepared the way for him to become a follower of Jesus.

My encouragement to you is to make every moment count… Whether big or small, make a difference in the lives that God places before you, because the ripple affect of even the smallest act of kindness is great!