It’s an interesting feeling sitting in a room full of some of the most famous people in the world… I could see them sitting not too far from me… Just like noticing familiar faces across the sanctuary on a Sunday morning.

     I was attending their award ceremony on Sunday evening and had VIP tickets so I was sitting pretty close to the front… But why I’ve been given a free pair of VIP tickets to the American Music Awards every year since I’ve lived in Los Angeles is a different God story in itself.

On The Red CarpetDuring the Show



     Though they didn’t get stage time, it was refreshing that the Newsboys, Hillsong United, and Casting Crowns were nominated for favorite artist in Contemporary Inspirational. It was also powerful to see Selena Gomez lip “thank you Jesus” when she lowered her microphone during her emotional performance.

     The recipients from the award show were very talented people and it is important that people receive recognition for their hard work. Everyone likes to be appreciated and recognized for their accomplishments… And no one likes to be underestimated in terms of what they are capable of doing… Yet sometimes those closest to us we underestimate the most.

     I was reflecting after the event and thought to share this with you. I think we subconsciously underestimate our God all the time… We underestimate Him at times by not speakings words of faith and trust into our circumstances. We don’t dare to dream big to shelter us from disappointment. We don’t dare to take risks beyond ourselves due to fear of failure and social ridicule.

     Some of my most cherished experiences came from having faith in God to open big doors and opportunities, and then taking “risks” to pursue them as led by the Spirit. This is just one of many of my wild adventures with God and I hope to be able to share many more with you.

     I would rather risk stepping out and being wrong if I thought it was God, than risk staying put and missing what God wanted to do… and either way, God is honored in my heart. It is in those moments that our faith and trust take leaps and bounds… Those experiences can be drawn upon to help build confidence in the leading of the Holy Spirit in the future.

     I want to challenge you to increase your expectation of what God can do in your life. We serve a God that is activated by faith and not by need… Activate a greater faith and expectation from God. Be open to His voice to guide you and challenge you to step out in areas you might not have had the boldness to do in the past. If we truly recognize who God is, and if we truly believe that His Spirit dwells in us, then what can’t we accomplish in this life?

Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.” – Jeremiah 32:17 NIV

     Dream big! And God with throw some exciting surprises in there too… After all, I got to hang out on the red carpet on Sunday.

I’ll be posting part 2 tomorrow morning on Thanksgiving!

Look for Part 2 – What Godly principle I learned from Taylor Swift and what we have in common.